would u

Would You?

‘Would you’ is trying to describe few of the forms that a lover wishes to express among many others. Guys, just read it and feel the positive energy it carries within itself.

If I were a spider,

Would you allow me to crawl down to your fingers?

If I were a camera,

Would you allow me to click you?

If I were an ant,

Would you offer me, honey?

If I were a flower,

Would you decorate yourselves with it?

If I were a cat,

Would you scold me for stealing the milk?

If I were a blind,

Would you be my vision?

If I were a kid,

Would you teach me how to live?

If I were an alcoholic,

Would you care or would you leave me?

If I were a heart,

Would you live in me?

If I were a human,

Would you love me?

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