Suicide is a thriller story that is sure to give you the chills. So enjoy reading and I won’t say much.

She sat at a mundane corner of her apartment detached from the fake longings. As she nervously squirmed, the cigarettes were her only healer whose wavy ripples of the smoke were diffused all over trying to snoop outside the half-open window, to the outer world where she also belonged, once. Today was the just another day for the world but her. The dead tea kept on the wooden table was gazing at her mistress. She was just as cold as the tea. Both her body and her mind are suffering due to her incapability to understand the gravity of what has just happened to her. It was all new and sudden, neither was she wasn’t accustomed to all this nor she could share this with anyone.

“Cigarettes, where the fuck is my fucking lighter,” She yelled at herself. Quickly she stood up, drank the cold tea, smashed the cup on the wall and lighted another cigarette. She started to shiver and her mind impelled her to do crazy things. She tore up her t-shirt. Now, things turned ugly, she hated her smell. She smoked.

“How could she be so negligent?” She thought. She was unable to comprehend the endless fear of the humiliation that she’ll soon suffer. A few days back, on completing her graduation and getting a job offer in a top publishing company, her father gifted her brand new car. “It is the latest in the market.” He had said, she remembered. Slowly, all images of her loved ones flashed in front of her. She wanted to cry but her tears were all dried up by the cigarettes. She was lonely at that moment. Her silliness and irascible attitude were the reason she lost her lover, the person who added colors and meaning to her mundane lifestyle. He is no more with her today. Erstwhile, imprudently she insulted him in front of everybody. She was the one who had walked out of the relationship. He might have left the country, she thought.

“Aaaah,” she yelled again, but to no use. It has been many days now, she stared at her pen that she hadn’t touched. Her appointment letter also lay nearby. But, all these seem to be mirages to her now.

Depressed, she gazed outside the window. Moreover, cigarettes were unable to soothe her now. As a result, her soul failed her. She lost strength and the commotion inside her mind created a never-ending conflict of negative emotions. Consequently, it was difficult for her to hold on to herself. The gloomy evening overshadowed the happiness clouds, the emotionless yet a soul was about to leave this earth. She stood to jump off the window from her own apartment. Suddenly, she felt a tremor inside her body and she jumped back. This time, she lacked not the courage but the will.

“How could she do this without taking to the ones she loved. They deserve to hear her from her one last time?” She concluded in her own mind. However, she apprehended that if she called parents, she might break down and then, will not be able to gather the courage. So she took out a natty page out of her diary and wrote, whatever I’m doing is a cowardly act, but my extravagant lifestyle has been a reason I’m in all this today. You were great parents. I complained a lot, I love you, daddy, I love you, mummy. Please forgive me.

After that, she dialed her lover’s number. Before he could even speak, she said, “You are the best coffee I ever tasted. I love you & will love you forever.”
Beep. Beep.

He was anxious. The last breath that she took before disengaging the call was ominous of the doom, he thought. His intuition made him restless. He tried calling her back but in vain. Finally, with binoculars, he looked at her apartment and saw her smashing her phone. Something was wrong, in fact very wrong. Without thinking for a second, he rushed like the electricity in the wires. Meanwhile, she thought of using a blade to cut her veins but thought that it would take too much time.
Tring. Tring, the doorbell rang. It was bloody irritating and she didn’t respond but it kept on ringing. “Who the fuck is at the door?” she yelled harshly. “It’s your laundry girl ma’am,” came her reply. She opened the door and replied, “Burn those and take your money & gave few notes at her.” As he entered the gate of her apartment, he was sweating profusely. He couldn’t imagine a second without her and those last words were still ringing in his ears. He kept running and running. She smoked the last cigarette. Slowly, she moved towards the window again. That quarrelsome girl, that lovely daughter, that selfish lover, that girl was just about to jump. She closed her eyes and she saw her love calling her, she saw her pen and then without rethinking for a second, she jumped.

But as she fell, she felt an impulse and a reaction opposing her against the gravity. Someone held her hand tightly and saved her. She saw him. However, she wanted to die so she wildly bit his hands with her teeth. Again and again, she attacked his hand. He started to bleed but he didn’t let go. How could he? Soon she came to the senses and saw the tears in his eyes. She stopped and he pulled her inside the room. She hugged him and cried a lot, more than she did as a child. In his arms, she was reborn.

“The day you left me, I rented an apartment in front of yours across the road, so that I can gaze you at least, if not be with you. I don’t want to leave this country. When you called me last time, I sensed a pain in your words. So I rushed in here and no matter what happens, I’m never letting you go. And yes, you are the best tea that I ever had.”

These words are more than enough for her and she said, “On the table are the medical reports that confirmed that I am pregnant. I am unmarried, lonely and single. I couldn’t understand what to do. How will I face the world? It was all so depressing; I couldn’t understand what to do after this. I was harsh and rude with you and I lacked the courage to share this with you.” She sobbed.

“Who’s the father?” he giggled. She smiled.
“Let me take you to your home. We have a lot of ceremonies to attend.” He said. And, she agreed.

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