stupid magic


Stupid, yes I am if I am with her. When it is about love, we are all ready to do the insane things to impress our partner. No matter what the world calls us, the moment when we are with our love it is just magical. I hope you will like my creation. 

Glimmer in those sad eyes, yet the charming smile, of her

Inside the ocean, in the oyster, that loneliness of her,

A pearl so fine, I so wanted to find,

An ornament of love, so serene and elegant,

Immaculate in this corrupt world,

I tried; I failed, and tried and failed,

No matter what, my love still prevailed

Your grace, it’s magic,

Real for me, unreal for the world,

What a pity!

Crazy things sometimes turn out, sometimes even tragic,

But jinn eventually comes out, with my wand and your magic,

Wishes fulfilled, our hands together; for forever,

We talk, we fight, we love, and we miss,

And the world still calls it,

The stupid’s magic.

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