souls united


‘Souls united,’ is sort of description of the moment that we live with our better half. Whatever happens that time can only be felt, words would never be enough. Still, it is my attempt to do so. I hope you will like my work. 


Heart palpitates

Seeing saccharine and wet lips,

We craved for the kiss

Imbibed Love’s desire,

Unfettered impulse driving us,

Cryptic convulsions of the rhythm,

Let’s just play

Undressed bodies, raw flesh,

Whetted the longing,

Turned on the contrivance

Never ending dearth of our want,

Of blending our love,

Leads to incipient lust,

Predominating each other,

We carry on

Aroused sensations playing,

With entangled fingers,

And entwined bodies,

Touching each other; together

Wrapped up; finally,

Our souls are united.

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