Virtuous Sleep

Sleep is a must as far as health is concerned but in this creation, I have portrayed sleep in a personified form. As we see, there are many problems in our world but I firmly believe that violence could never and ever be a solution to any problem. We are humans first, ain’t we?

One day, I slept, sad thoughts, dreams disagree,

Seeing my gloomy disposition,

Sleep, in my sleep, came to me

She apprehended, I replied,

Terrifying it is, wherever I see,

Blood for blood, they want,

Imprudent decisions, absurd reasons

For no cause, dies when a family, in front of a son,

How then, he will ever be a human?

Insatiable desires, we have,

Inhumane acts, evil attracts

Children abused, innocent raped,

How then, can the world be saved?

Suspicious friends, fake commitments,

Loyal are dogs, unscrupulous demagogues

Terrifying it is, wherever I see,

Iota of tears, she saw, in my eyes, and then said

Don’t worry; don’t be vexed by the problems you see,

Spread affection, and the peace,

Persistent efforts are all we need

With harmony, and with our belief in humanity,

With the world as one family,

Definitely, we all will succeed

Embrace positivism; develop a nexus of fruitful relations,

With known, unknown, and with nature,

Let’s move ahead, a worthy deed

Remove inconsequential differences,

Hate and hate will follow you,

And that’s not what we need

I smiled, satisfied, grateful to her, and I said,

Surely, to your advice, I will heed,

Let others wake up, she said

In my dreams again, peacefully I slept.

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