Parents- since beginning

Parents- reflections from a lighthouse

Parents are truly the most amazing gift that god has endowed upon us. In this life, many a time we are unable to decide; they guide us. Whenever a ship is lost in the ocean, it looks for a lighthouse; parents are synonymous to that lighthouse. I have noticed that the more we are developing, the more materialistic we are becoming. Human values have held this world for long and we must continue doing so. Our parents help us in that as well. And that too, since our inception in the mother’s womb. This is a little effort from my side to show what I feel for my parents. 

With care, my fingers held,

I learned to walk, then

With values, my thoughts crafted,

I became a human, then

With emotions, my anger pacified,

I learned to love, then

With attitude, my defeat defeated,

I became a winner, then

My mother, my father, and those rays,

Of hope, of light

That reflects through me, through my soul,

All the treasure that I hold

Be egalitarian; both said,

Support the oppressed, and the weak,

Be confident; in whatever you seek,

And I do believe, in what they said, and I know,

Darkness comes, as ray vanishes,

Inside the ‘deep water’,

Yet the light shines, always, as reflections do come back,

Outside that same ‘deep water.’

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  1. Parents are absolutely the most amazing gift each of us has been given. This poem is a touching way to show your appreciation of your parents!

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