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Just Motivational Thoughts – 1st note

Just motivational thoughts is a column that I am specifically writing to motivate myself as well as my readers. I try to correlate the day-to-day happenings with my thoughts so that the final outcome becomes meaningful. I hope all of you can get something out of this post. Whether you agree or disagree; is a different aspect, just ponder over a little and think about the thoughts.

  • Are YOU willing to face the heat?

Decisions taken in our life must be well apprehended and by deliberate pensiveness; not impulsive, as it will shape our destiny and direct our motivational thoughts. For example, for most of us, life is like going out in the scorching heat of the summer– some will take an umbrella, some will use a protective lotion, some will not go at all, some will face the sun directly overhead and they will be the ones who will shine the most.

  • Is your WILL mountain-like?

Sometimes things, goals, values, people are – simple yet misunderstood, elegant yet ugly, achievable yet impossible, subjective yet biased. But our will is above all aforementioned things. We can think of it in two ways: ‘I may do’ and ‘I must do’. It’s all useless if we go with ‘I may do’ attitude because priority is most important whether it’s the matter of our family or relationships or goals in our life. Will and then do and then achieve; going backward is impossible.

  • Are you SPIRITUALLY powerful?

Stand, no matter how tall, the sky will always be the limit. God’s providence is awesome and it will always exist whether you believe it or not. Call it a spiritual force or positivism, it will always help the person in peril; if the call is made or isn’t made- that’s the beauty of it.

  • Scoring a HAPPINESS Goal!

There are different ways to link our life to the various games we see, such as, I kicked the sadness into the goalpost; thereby, I scored a happiness goal.

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