“Love and hope,” the two ordinary yet extraordinary words. Both of them give a new direction to the life.  In some parts, these two have created miracles. Also, as a  blogger, I feel this is what the world needs right now.


On the edge of a serene shore,

She was alone

A quaint lighthouse,

In the darker shade of twilight,

Watches her

Why was it so quiet today?

Doomy clouds overshadow few trees

And their rustling leaves,

Singing a sad symphony


She was quiet,

In the darker shade of twilight

Her dry tears,

Urged to come out

She walked a distance,

In a poor and withered state

Saw a man,

Feeding the lonely dogs


Asked him, “You feed them, how?”

“With the hope, dear lady,” replied the poor man

“I row a boat. I carry people. I don’t earn much. I remain happy,” he said again.

“If there’s no work tomorrow?” what then?

“I will find some. With the hope, dear lady” replied the poor man

“Don’t seek the happiness. Let it come to you,” advised her,

And went away


Blessed, she felt unrestrained,

Aura around her

Changing its shape,

A promptness to dance,

She never felt before


Free and whimsical,

She fired the spark

And burned her dissimulations

She changed for the love,

That left her

She wrote her lover’s name on the stone,

And threw it,

In the abysmal depths of the ocean

After many seasons,

She finally cried,

And laughed


And with the same hope in her heart.

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