Illogical- sometimes it’s better

Illogical conversations can sometimes sort out the mood changes.

VERY IMPORTANT:  The identity of B and G is kept a secret for maintaining the confidentiality yet there is no restriction on part of the reader’s imagination. All of you are free to use whatever character fits in there. 😀 😛 😀 😛

“THE SENSIBLE” (It all begins here)

G: “CaN yoU LeT me GO?” (Sad eyes.)

B: “WheRE?”

G: “I meaanttt ‘GO’”

B: “Yes, I goT thaT. But To WheRE?”

G: “DoN’t Be A KiDD.” (Annoyed)

B: “PUzzlE. PuzzLE. They CauSE a TRoubLE. Be CLeaR.”

G: “I wAnt to LeaVe.” (Angry expression on the face)

B: “OkaY. But To where?”

G: “AwaY.”

B: “Obviously, awaY. But ‘which place’?” (Puzzled again)

G: “See, thAt’s Why I wanT to go. You Can’T even underStanD simPle ThinGS.” (Irritated like hell)

“THE LOGICAL” (Conversation Continues)

B: “I goT it NoW.” (simply smiling)

G: “PleaSE forgiVE me, if I’m HurTinG yoU.”

B: “I undeRstanD. You aRen’T hurtinG mE.”

G: “So SensiBle.” (change of mood)

B: “It’s QuitE cleAr.”

G: “WhAt?”

B: “That YoU arE leaving mE for WoRk. I’m in witH you- your decision.”

G: “Oh! ShiT. ReaLLy? whaT a Logic!!” (Dumbfounded expression)

B: “BeLieve mE. thE worK will Be ProuD of YoU.” (prideful smile)

G: “YoU jusT leaVE iT.” (I want to jump in the ocean)

B: “WhaT to LeaVE now?”

G: “LEAVE the SillY ‘LEAVE’.” (Ah! What can I do?)

B: “But How can I LeaVE the LeavE? It’s alReaDy LeFt thaT’s why we call it the ‘LeAVE’.” ( Intrigued)

“THE LOVER” (Conversation Continues)

G: “YoU arE a Genius.” (sarcasm)

B: “I get THat OfteN. YoU arE a luckY GirL.” (Mouth wide open. Sparkling teeth shine.)

G: “YeS, I am ‘a Lucky GirL’. It caN’T get BetteR.”

B: “What?”

G: “SorT iT oUt. YoU are a GenIUS.” (mood changes again)

B: “YoU arE talking A loT. JusT leAVe.” (seriously concerned expression)

G: “To Where?”

B: “YoU KnoW that. Don’T YoU.”

G: “Aw! I Can’T now. I love YOU.” (puppy eyes)

B: “I LOVE you TOO. But WORk matters. SO go.” (I’m not falling into the trap of love)

G (silent)

Both hug each other. Kiss. And hand in hand, THEY contiNUE theIR JournEy.

The idea (No smile please 😀 :P) of the conversation is to be “SIMPLY ILLOGICAL” and calm so that when the things get heated Up- you know What to DO? That’s WHy I LoVe fictIOn- YoU can write ANYTHING.

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