My First Crush- a personal story(school days)

My First crush a personal story(school days) is a beautiful memory that I want to share with you friends. Just give it a try to feel the positive vibes.

Let me take you back to 2004. Yes, almost 13 years back. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that memory. While in school, my nature was that of a ‘happy-go-lucky’ person. I was an industrious student, I loved the stage (I still love that), and I’m an ambivert. Also, I enjoyed chatting so I was very good at making friends as it is to your advantage – the more the friends, the more the popularity (I was in school, class 6). Mostly, you don’t need to ask for help, I’ll be ready on your behest.

How much I’m boasting of myself? But don’t get carried away with the emotions. I’m not at all the same now– stop it now.

In the month of March – April, new session begun in our school as we entered class 6. New hopes, new dreams, new friends, and new admissions were taking place. Big hoardings marking school as the distinguished hero amidst the adversity were all over the city. The extravagant display finally is fruitful – like the honey bee to the flowers, students flow in as they know they are at the right place. Again the philosophy! I just love that.

On the first day, after all the rituals (that includes prayers, patriotic songs, and speeches by various members), we went to our respective classrooms. The section assigned to me was A. At that point of time our class consisted of only 20 students. So we were eagerly waiting for the new students to join us.

As far as I remember, 4-5 students had arrived before I saw her. She came and I just looked at her for few seconds and couldn’t keep my eyes off her. It never happened to me before. I had many female friends but I felt something is different yet enigmatic about her and that I wanted to discover that at any damn cost. Our class teacher hadn’t arrived by that time.

Blessed I was, beautiful she

Cute face, like a fairy

I was not even knowing that it was a crush but before anyone could talk to her, I stood up (the gentleman inside me was reborn) and offered her a seat. Now, she was new so she had but to accept my proposal. Elated and joyful, I don’t why the hell on this planet I was smiling just because she sat beside me. She was well-behaved and spoke courteously but now I was not even able to utter my name properly. I was like – umm okay, hmm you are right, no! , okay nice nice (I was thinking god please save me. I’ve not done anything so why I’m behaving like this)

At a loss for words, the only words or I must say word I spoke, “Friends! (Teeth, all of them shined altogether)” (Not even 5-7 minutes and friends, silliness was jumping over my head and I was a donkey dancing like a man). She smiled (I know why) and said, “Will you not introduce me to your friends? For it is but a class and we all are friends here.”

The duck and a six, both at the same time as she stomped so hard that I never asked her again. Of course, we became very good friends after that but we don’t need to ask for friendship someone especially if she’s your classmate.

I turned around. I heard the giggles and laughs and saw those cruel looks on the faces of my friends. All of them just waiting for the opportunity to welcome her and embarrass me, however, I still feel that I did the right thing by offering her a seat. Meanwhile, the teacher arrived and it is just another school story afterward.

My first crush gave me some beautiful memories that I still cherish. And, its impact, I believe, is so powerful that I can even, after years, describe her. For example, she was having two ponytails that time and minute details like that. Hope you all had a memory like that.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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