dreams camouflaged

Camouflaged DREAMS

Dreams are awesome, as they say, it but what of the poor people? They must also be having the same thoughts as we do. It is my attempt to bring out the harsh reality of the world. We all see it, but it’s very rare we care about it. 

Time passes by, things change,

Some do, some don’t

And poverty remains,

A boy and a girl, both children

She cleans the table,

He sweeps the space,

In between their work; they play

She becomes the teacher,

He becomes the student

She is touched by the people,

She doesn’t want

He is slapped by the people,

He doesn’t want

She is innocent, He is cute,

Both are poor

In between their work; they eat,

She loves the Chinese,

He loves the Indian

Both are treated as objects,

Both are but humans

She is creative, He is intelligent

Both are poor

In between their work, they talk,

She of dreams, He of future

Disguised it may be, it’s their life,

It’s their right, to live it as they want

To be what they want

In between their work, they dream,

She dreams of freedom, he of education,

Dreams are dreams, although

Camouflaged they are.

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2 thoughts to “Camouflaged DREAMS”

  1. I like this. It is important to open our eyes to the reality of the world around us. We are so caught up in our own sorrows, that we can’t see a thing. If people would see without their blinders on, they would find the answers they seek in their own lives. Poverty comes in many forms. My family, and I live in poverty. And although we are underprivileged, our daughter will grow up feeling empowered by our struggles, and she will give to those in need because she shares compassion for them. It is important to count your blessings, and give to others what you can, even if it’s just love and support. 💖💖💖

    1. You’re right as it’s very important to understand the different perspectives of the various kinda people that live around us. Thanks for reading and liking my work. The appreciation really motivates me. 🙂

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