Hello Awesome People!

Hi, fellas!

I hope all of you are doing well.

Life is awesome, if only you believe. I am Kaushal. The one you didn’t know so I am here to introduce myself. I’m an engineer; professionally a banker working with one of my country’s leading bank the Punjab National Bank. My first blog Expressive Human (now a private blog) helped me to gain a basic understanding of blogging and its related aspects.While going through different blogs I read self- hosted v/s free and then, I decided to start a self-hosted blog of my own i.e. KaushalWrites

Blog owner- Kaushal
     This is how I look!

Where I come from?

I belong to a diverse yet united culture christened as India. I was born in a famous tourist spot in my country that goes by the name Nainital(Uttarakhand, India). Read about it here.

Why do I think I can write?

Simply because I love to write. Humans have an awesome power to express themselves and that’s what I am doing! And I simply don’t give a fuck to those saying, “you are wasting your time here!”


What motivates me?

I’ll be honest guys. I had given up the idea of writing as well as blogging. Since May last year, I hadn’t even posted anything on my first blog. As a banker, life really gets stressful and the time that remains; you want to take a break or rest but I realized somewhere in my heart, I want to write so I gotta start afresh. I bought a kindle and started reading new authors.

Now, I love reading as well. One of the reasons this blog became a reality was that a few days back, I finished reading a book the Tropic of Capricorn authored by Henry Miller. His thoughts have influenced me a lot and the quote from the same book is worth reading:

I was urged to give up the idea of writing. I had to learn, as Balzac did, that one must write volumes before signing one’s own name. I had to learn, as I soon did that one must give up everything and not to do anything else but write, that one must write and write and write, even if everybody in the world is against it, even if nobody believes in you. Perhaps one does it because nobody believes; perhaps secret lies in making people believe.


How do I blog?

I read the blogs related to various experiences which really enriched me about various unknown aspects of life. I highly discourage plagiarism and lastly, I like the way people use this platform for various reasons. It’s a wonderful community and I’m growing with it.

What do I have to offer to my readers?

Basically, a good read- whether it’s an article, an erotic story, a poem or an ordinary story, I promise you will love it, guys. And if you do, please comment on the content and subscribe to my blog. It will really motivate me.

How can you grow with my blog?

In my first blog, I used to run various campaigns like community development program, share your posts and a weekly interview with a blogger to connect with other bloggers. I will run the same on this blog as well, so keep visiting the blog. It helps me, it helps you as well.


Two words

There are three types of the people in the world: less intelligent, intelligent, more intelligent. This blog is specifically designed for the first category- less intelligent. For other two categories, I have only two words. This is a place where I talk about my opinions and I love the idea of secularism so if any religious fanatic visits my website, I have only two words. In the world, many things are going wrong or in past, had gone wrong so unless if I am discussing something that could in some way help few people, please come forward or else don’t preach because, for those preachers, I have only two words. What could be those two words- c’mon any guess guys! It’s so simple- FUCK OFF.

Thank you for reading! That’s all about me. In case, you want to connect with me, click on the social media icons below in the footer area. If you have any query, go to the contact me page and post it there. Do visit my blog, subscribe to it and I hope you will love my work.

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